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Coaching | Stepafterstep.dk


Executive Business coachingSTEP AFTER STEP offers Business & Life Coaching for both individuals as wells as companies regardless of industry. Helle Lyngberg is a certified Life & Business Coach from Sofia Manning & Manning Inspire

Coaching has for many years been an important mental tool in the world of sports to help athletes improving their results and goals. However, coaching can be used by anyone as a tangible tool to achieve your goals. Coaching is extremely efficient whether you have personal or work-related challenges – individually or in teams.

Coaching is a valuable tool e.g. to:

  • achieve personal results & goals
  • to improve your relationship with other people
  • find uncovered resources
  • improve and optimize cooperation in a team to ensure that everybody is working towards the same goal
  • structure problem solving with respect to all participants

Coaching is a matter of trust and in a market with many players, we want to distinguish ourselves by being a competent and motivated facilitator who, based on own experiences, understands our customer’s needs with respect to the individual. Coaching is a conversation between the coach and the client(s) where the coach through questions uncovers the client’s true obstacles. In coaching, we work only in the present and the future and not the past.

Coaching can be used e.g. in areas such as:

  • Personal development
  • Competence/performance development
  • Improving relationships with other people
  • The balance between private and professional life
  • Career development
  • Team coaching
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • New challenges

For further information on coaching and its opportunities for you, your employees or your business, you are very welcome to contact STEP AFTER STEP for an informal conversation. We offer full confidentiality and respect individual consideration. We also coach in English.

Here is a selection of previous customers’ experiences with Step After Step:

“Helle has with her in-depth coaching made a difference for me! Helle has given me insight into my issues which have given me freedom to take new and major decisions in my life – both privately and professionally.”
Helle – Adviser in Nordea Bank Denmark

“I was coached on my self esteem and my eating habits, and I learned not to ponder too much about things that I cannot change or which have already taken place. I learned that I could assess the problems on a scale of 1-10, and if they were 8 – they were not important. It was a hit! It is also about chemistry and we hit it off right away – you knew exactly where to keep focus!!!!!! I will definitely use Helle again when I need new inputs and who says things straight away without being emotionally involved. I feel so good now!

“I contacted Step After Step to help me take a big decision that would affect and possibly change my life radically. Helle was very efficient in questioning me right to the core of the issues, and I was really challenged in both my attitudes and way of thinking. The way it was done was incredibly efficient, warm and comfortable, and it felt like a total release as the obvious choice was clear to me. I have gained so much more insight into my potential, and I no longer let the bumps on the road stop me. I now dare to aim for higher goals than before. Thanks ”
Sofie, Business Coaching